Writing a Cover Letter to a Publishing Company

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Hey guys, long time no post, the main reason is that I’m working on editing my novel at the moment and any free time I have goes into writing for my professional blog at Pillowfights.

Here is a link to my latest post.

Don't try to be anyone other than who you are.


The title was meant to be ‘Human Manipulation’ but I think the editor changed it.

Anyway, I’m so close to the finish line of getting my book published that I can already smell the new book smell… Or it might be the new books I just got… Might be the new books.

So yeah, sorry that my posts have been pretty late or haven't come at all. Ironically my second to last post was on tips for blogging and one of them happened to be 'post every week', which I sort of am but it’s on another website were people can’t follow. But it’s nice, I get to write about lifestyle and romance even though my life is mostly behind a computer screen staring at Microsoft Word, wondering if unicorns use their horns for fighting or attracting a mate.

Enough about my thoughts, I’m here to help you guys with completing your first novel and I thought It would be nice to show you guys my cover letter and how I went about writing it.

So here it is…

Dear (Name)
(Publishing Company)
(Publishing Address)

My name is Christopher V. Dass and I believe I have written a future bestselling novel — I mean it’s going to be world famous; the next ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’. All I need is a publishing establishment that will make that future a reality, and with your various (accolades and achievement), I believe (you company) is the perfect choice.

So let me tell you a little bit about my first novel, ‘Origin – Old Gods’.

The novel is set in the future where Vampires and Werewolves come out of hiding to integrate with humanity, due to the popularity of fantasy books and movies. Yet through the years, the Supernatural creatures become the dominant race; either by converting the humans to their bloodlines or forcing them into hiding as the new world order shuns them for their archaic past.

Due to this propaganda — Elizabeth, a kind yet confused girl from the city of Fresno, who’s simple wish of becoming a Vampire leads to the awakening of the original Vampire and Werewolf — Ares and Anubis. Now with two lost and annoyingly handsome God’s in tow, Elizabeth has to teach them about the new world they have awoken to, as they try to grasp their minds around new experiences such as Flat Screen TV’s, Cheeseburgers, and Short shorts.

Origin – Old Gods is the first book of a two-part series(could become a trilogy if all goes well) consisting of 120 thousand words. The genre is mostly Sci-fi/fantasy… Sci-fantasy with hints of action, comedy, mystery and romance; as Elizabeth unravels the stories of the Gods and the true nature of the Supernatural world she wanted to be a part of. Influenced by the works of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, my story takes a scientific yet humorous view on the world of Gods, Vampires, and Werewolves while mixing in a few brutal and gory battles for the kids.

I think that’s enough information on my story, for now, let me tell you a bit about myself, and how I got to this point in life.

I am a freelance artist and animator who wanted to create stories through moving pictures, only to realize I was using the wrong medium. Eventually, I got addicted to writing and became a content writer and blogger, both personal and professional.

My professional blog offers lifestyle and romance advice for a Website in the UK that reaches around 1.5 million readers yearly and is willing to promote my work once all the details are finalized. While my personal blog is a tutorial slash diary on my journey to become a future Author while helping other struggling writers in starting their first novel.

So yeah, first novel — A big step for a writer and an even bigger step for a publisher. But like I said before, I believe I have written a bestselling novel… Wait! I think every writer is going to say that. I have to back it up with evidence. I will send my manuscript with this letter and you can judge for yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,
Christopher V. Dass
E-mail: ****@gmail.com
Website: http://www.christophervdass.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CVDass

When I started writing my cover letter, the first thing I did was find previous letters to publishing companies and followed the format that they used. I found this great website that gave me a good example of a cover letter and how each section works in order to sell the book to the publisher. Here is the link.


Once you find a letter you like, add your own flair and personality to it. After all, a unique letter is better than a familiar one. I followed the pattern of the writer’s digest example but I added my own quirky and slightly geeky personality to the flow.

I didn’t do that to give the reader a laugh, I did it more to emphasize who I am as a writer and imply it in my words. A cover letter is like a snapshot of what you’re offering to the table, as the publisher will examine the writer’s style and influence and match that of previous works that they have distributed. Since I have no influence being a newbie writer with no works published, I made the audience focus on the fact that I am a reader, stating my favorite authors and books within the letter.

However you are not what is on sale — it’s your book and since your cover letter is just a mere snapshot you need to sell the shit out of your work and make it sound like it is the best book you have ever read… Even though you are the one that wrote it. Pitch your book as something never done before, like it’s the most original work of art that only angels have heard of. Yet at the same time show that it is marketable and that it relates to other works out there, cause after all the publishers aren’t doing this for free.

Anyway, if you follow these… steps I guess, just remember to work on it as much as you worked on your book, this is a very important piece of paper. Imagine your cover letter is a key that you have to craft yourself in order to fit the door of possibilities. There are many doors but they can all be unlocked with the same key, you just need to make it strong enough, constantly mold and shape it until it is perfect not alright.

My cover letter is alright, I need to edit it, and I have been editing it, even while I write this post. I believe it’s too long and it might show too much personality. Sometimes it’s a gamble; either be professional but be drowned out by the piles upon piles of other cover letters. Or be interesting and go against the norm and hope that they are entertain while not being annoyed at the lack of etiquette.

But in the end, it’s your novel that should do the rest of the work, the cover letter will open the door but your novel is what will help you on your journey through the other side. I wrote my cover letter since I’m on my last edit for my novel and this is sort of a waypoint towards my goal, a verbal checkpoint stating 'you have come this far only a few steps to go'.

So pretty much this was to boost my already inflated and mostly misguided ego, but I hope you learned something anyway, and I hope to get back to writing posts on my quest to become a future author.

See you guys later.


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  1. This is a fantastically written cover letter. I would never have thought of adding some of this information. Any writer starting out or already on there way would love this.

  2. This was a fantastic cover letter and if you need anyone to review your book then please let me know because I adore the supernatural genre especially Vampires.

  3. This is such a beautifully written cover letter and yes! Its so important to be true to yourself!

  4. Love your cover letter and your writing style! Descriptive, emotional, and creative! Can’t wait for your first novel! Good luck!

  5. At first, I thought the cover letter, w/ your first paragraph, is a bit too much confidence. But as you share the synopsis of your book, the plot is kinda interesting. Good luck with your book

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