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Hey, this section of my site is dedicated to my written work, there will be many stories posted up here but like all journeys we start at the beginning and that is with my first Novel, Origin.


(Still working on the front cover, need to add some awesome reviews from famous people, J.K. Rowling gave this an 11 out of 10)

So let me tell you a little bit about my first novel. You see in the future Vampires and Werewolves(NOT ANOTHER VAMPIRE/WEREWOLF STORY, I KNOW, I'M SORRY) come out of hiding to integrate with society, due to the popularity of books and movies. Eventually, the Supernaturals become the dominant species forcing humans into hiding while they take over the world. However this upsets two creatures known as Ares and Anubis, the original Vampire and Werewolf, who watch and wait in slumber at the blood of humanity dwindling before their eyes, being tainted by their bloodlines. Hoping that someone will come and wake them from their rest to exact justice on the cruelty of the new world order while figuring out new experiences such as Flat Screen TVs, Cars, and Short shorts.

Origins is an Action/Comedy with hints of horror, thriller, mystery and romance. Each month I will post a chapter along with random posts about ideas and events in the 'My Blog' section, and pictures and drawings such as designs for the characters and locations in the book in the 'My Artwork' section. I love stories I love reading others, my favorites are Douglas Adams' 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' and J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' which you will find traits of influence within my work along with J.K. Rowling 'Harry Potter' series, Reading 'Prisoner of Azkaban' for inspiration at the moment, maybe I should put 'C.V. Dass' instead of Christopher V. Dass, no, that makes me sound like office supplies. My work will be rugged and coarse, but like a diamond in the rough focus on the diamond and not the rough, I believe I have the workings of a great story and I hope you guys can see that too.

Thanks for getting to this point, hope you enjoy your stay.


Excerpt from ‘Origin’

Hey guys random post here to show you guys a snippet from my novel 'Origin'. Recently found a website called Pillowtalk, that is helping to build an audience for aspiring writers such as myself and had to comb through my novel to find a perfect part to hand in. This excerpt involves one of our main characters, Ares meeting one of the vampires responsible for spreading the supernatural bloodlines across the planet, which our main character isn't too happy about. I'll stop there, don't want to give too much of the story away, I'll let you guys have a read and tell me what you think.


Excerpt from ‘Origin’ written by Christopher V. Dass

“DO YOU KNOW WHO THE F*** I AM!” Vincent spat out, the veins around his red eyes, ready to burst, “I am Vincent De La Lupe the richest man in all of Romania. Hell, I own Romania. I am one of the most powerful vampires on the face of the earth being a descendant of the great Vlad the Impale-“

Laughter erupted out of Ares as if he had watched a comedian finally reach the punchline. But to the surrounding crowd, it was more of a horror movie as they backed away from the beast’s mirth out of reflex, their instincts telling them to get away. Ares felt the fear in the air as he tried to cover his mouth to stop the laughter, only turning the noise into whimpered giggles.

“You are, haha, not related to, ha Vlad.” Ares laughed.

“Oh really, and how do you know that?” Vincent said.

“Easy,” Ares laughter subsided as he regained his composure, the porcelain face now a bloodless white only to be found in the pools of crimson contained within the monsters eyes, burning its gaze into the man before him. “BECAUSE, I, AM, VLAD!”

A fist shot towards the face of Vincent sending him flying into a nearby wall, his bodyguards in horror managed to break away from the beast’s trance, running to the aid of their fallen leader.

“U-U’m fune it’s just…” Vincent got up with the help of his bodyguards, surprised by the attack, he wasn’t as fast as he used to be but the power behind the punch was impressive, but weakened. He sensed that the force could have been ten, a hundred, a thousand times more powerful than it should have been. Vincent’s fast healing abilities pushed his jaw back into place able to once again form orders for his companions. “Kill him, painfully.”

“Yes sir,” The two bodyguards walked towards the man as their bodies started to transform underneath the black suits, tightening with their stride. The bones started to push against the skin as it turned a ghost white, helping to define the skeletal frame beneath. Their fingernails and fangs started to stretch out into sharpened spikes as their blood red eyes focused on Ares, the blood spreading across the eyeball until the eye only showed red with a single black dot in the center. Ares smiled, it had been so long since he had seen a fully transformed vampire, and now he got to test out what the vampires of this new world could do against him.

“You are in for a world of hurt,” The male vampire growled an attempt to sound tough as he charged towards the beast. The bodyguard went for a shoulder tackle only for Ares to sidestep out of the way with ease as his tattered mask brushed against the vampire’s face like a matador against a bloodlust bull. Once the creature passed by Ares grabbed the man by the back of his jacket, throwing him into a store display case of electronic goods.

“I was expecting more of a fight, I’m disappointed,” Ares clicked the bones in his neck as he bent his head from side to side. The female vampire appeared out of thin air to stand beside him which startled him slightly, he was having too much fun and forgot about the other bodyguard. A strange blade was placed in her hand made of wood and metal as the weapon flashed past his face. Ares danced out of the way of the strikes twisting his body around the barrage. But soon got bored of the dance and flashed in front of the girl, slapping her in the face as she backflipped out of the way, creating distance between her and the being.

“H-How is this possible?” The female vampire scanned the man before her rubbing the mark against her cheek. No creature could match her speed or her partner’s strength, but the beast before her merely saw them as a game, and he was winning. The woman scanned the crowd of Romanian citizens, watching in awe, some of them filming with their electronic devices only for the police officers to stop their actions.

“Let’s attack together,” The male vampire walked over to her as he dusted off shards of glass and machinery out of his hair, falling like hard rain, chiming against the polished floor below.

“Ok,” The two vampires charged at the figure, only for Ares to let out a sigh, flashing once again to stand in front of them, catching them in his grasp as his fingers crushed their throats. The couple thrashed around, trying to break through the incredible chokehold as the female slashed at the man’s stomach. Black marks appearing across his skin, burning in place but it didn’t have any effect on dampening the beast’s assault.

“How disappointing,”