Guess who’s Back!

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Hello old friends, it’s been awhile but life, the universe and everything in between decided to get in my way. You see I've recently figured out that when people dream they set up logical steps towards those goals when they wake up—But not me!

I just do!

I've had many dreams in this strange life of mine, first was to become an Animation Director(And in a weird way it still is, it’s just the next dreams were there to fund that goal). Another was to create movies, then comic books, then board games until I finally found my calling in my dream to become a future author.

Most humans stick to one and work out a reasonable plan to achieve that dream. Maybe go to University and study up on your specific aspiration. Maybe make friends with similar desires as you, or talk to established dreamers about the treacherous journey they've taken and create a map on where you should or shouldn’t go. Last but not least, actually work towards your dream and do something instead of wishing and praying that everything will fall into place.

I, however, have no plan, I just do until something feels right. The dream of becoming an author felt right—I'm on the fourth edit of my novel hoping to be my last, but I want it to be the best that it can be and it will probably need another edit before I bring in a professional. It's things like this; not rushing my work while constantly learning and developing my ideas and techniques by reading the worlds for others or by watching my favorite authors talk about their passion, proved to me that I was committed to this path and that I had finally found my role in life.

However, lifestyle blogging didn’t feel right.

For three months I wrote about my views on lifestyle and romance in order to build up an audience for my future novels. However as a wannabe writer, I really didn’t have a life. My world mostly involves sitting in front of a computer screen surrounded by half drunk water bottles, recently brought books and chocolate wrappers as I created artificial life on Microsoft Word. So in order to get an audience I had to bullshit about things like relationships, breakups, friendship and love while ignoring the thing that was truly meant to give me an audience and that was my novel.

I like blogging especially about writing, it sort of prompted up my views as one learning to write hoping to start discussions or arguments on if I was right, wrong or insane. But because of my lifestyle blogging, it took away that ability to learn, that ability to evolve myself into a better writer and thus I have decided to stop lifestyle blogging.

You’re probably wondering why or how I came to this decision… Probably not, but I’ll tell you anyway. Pretty much a recent visual showed me why I wanted to become a writer in the first place and it wasn’t for money or fame as some of you might think. Recently I went to watch ‘Finding Dory’ in the City which gave me the chance to go to my favorite book shop. In this day and age bookshops need to rectify the lack of demand for buying physical books by selling miscellaneous items while books are put on the sidelines; away from booklover’s eyes.

black-booksHowever this shop only sells books, this small and strangely orange shop surrounded by Asian restaurants, fashion retailers, and novelty gift stores reminded me of the bookshop from the TV show “Black Books'. But instead of not being greeted by the wine drinking, smoke stained Bernard Black and his mold ridden interior of a bookstore, you were greeted by a few female shopkeepers as they sorted out the best way to display the copious amount of books in the small space.

'Then I saw it!'

A table… Well, I assumed it was a table since it was covered in a pile of books, while larger hard-covered copies covered the sides of the furniture. Blocks of cover art shone under the dusty light bulbs above, inviting weary travelers to take a look inside—and I was one of them. I chose one, I don’t know why that one, maybe it caught my eye with its dancing colors disguised as cover art or its Fantasy-ish title written in embedded gold, but I chose it and I was glad I did.

I have this strange habit of reading a couple of pages from the middle just in case I was going to read it in the future and also I was there to learn; not to read. Stuff like sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and most importantly how the author used strange symbols known as the English language to tell their story.

'I was hooked.'

The author managed to get me involved in the story by just a few pages, It was something along the lines of learning about demons and how to defeat them; I had no idea why they needed to defeat them or what they did to incur their wrath, but I wanted to know more. Before the shopkeepers got annoyed at me I put the book down, forgetting to remember the name of the book or the author but what I do remember was the inspiration it gave me.

And that’s what I wanted all along.


I want to inspire, I want to stimulate the reader’s minds, I want to draw people into my worlds of zombie princesses and depressed superheroes. I didn’t care if I made a whole lot of money off my work or got an army of fans arguing over favorite characters. What I wanted was my book to be seated with its friends on a table, waiting for a wide-eyed adventurer to pick up my work and go on a journey.

After I messed up the mountain of fiction for the shopkeepers to sort out I went to their small section dedicated to writing. I was determined to buy a book to help me remember my path and found Stephen King’s book ‘On Writing’. Only for his book to tell me to get William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White’s ‘The Element of Style’ and just reading the first page showed me the error of my ways. Every writer needs this book, it’s not there to give you ideas, it’s there to sort out the ones you already have.

Anyway, In this day and age, publishers tend to support those with a good backing, either a strong Facebook, Twitter or already established fanbase. I thought becoming a lifestyle and romance blogger would help but it only hindered my attempts to create a novel. Also, I shouldn’t ‘Get an Audience’ I needed to earn it, I needed to show people that I am a viable writer to support and this blog here was meant to do that and I left it, I forgot about the world of writing I was meant to develop, that I was meant to create.

But now that I’ve learned the error of my ways…



18 thoughts on “Guess who’s Back!

  1. When I started this whole blogging thing in March, I really didn’t know what direction it would take. I quickly found that I was not a typical Mommy Blogger. I can’t force myself to be good at creating recipes. I’ve found that I, too, aspire to inspire readers. I get discouraged when it seems I’m only reaching other bloggers, and my friends and family. Patience is something I struggle with some days.

  2. Welcome back to blogging! You have learned so much over the months and it’s good that you finally found your way back. I look forward to seeing your posts.

  3. It’s easy to become so consumed with hitting our ‘blogging’ goals that we forget why we write. We all need to take time and evaluate our positions if it doesn’t feel right and I’m glad you’ve found your love of writing again. Looking forward to reading some of your fiction 🙂

    Rosie |

  4. Dreams fuel our passion. We are passionate about the things we do because we dream of achieving the best. Great to hear that you have decided to blog once again.

  5. I got lost so many times while running my blog. It’s normal I feel like in general. But it’s good to acknowledge that and learn something.

  6. I think that it’s very important to be true to yourself rather than create a person to hide behind. As you said, lifestyle blogging wasn’t you. And that made you stop in your pursue of your dreams. And in the end, you ended up hating it. Everything we do it should be another step into our growth. We should never stop learning from our mistakes also.

  7. Welcome back ! When I started blogging I wanted to do beauty only cause I’ve been told that that’s where I could possibly make money and build a career ! After a while I couldn’t do it anymore ! it was such a chore ! life was so much more than that i decided to start all over again. I feel like most people I know don’t have a plan … I use to be like that but so far nothing happened my way so I dropped it. Now I just go with the flow 🙂

  8. Welcome back! It’s funny because I wanted to be an animator when I was younger too. Now I am blogging on the side and who knows when it will lead 🙂

  9. Glad you found the fuel to gear up your passion in writing. I am excited to read your novel. It’s a business (still and will forever be, I guess) but as a writer, don’t let the numbers of supports you could get after publication, but just think first the motive why you wrote – to express and inspire people. Sure you will have people who will read it, but doesn’t matter if it’s one or two. Having lots is, of course, a great feeling, but treat it is a bonus. Just continue writing! :)))

  10. well i think what is most important in life is to stay true to yourself and do what you feel like doing. . . Getting inspired from people is a different thing but taking that inspiration and moulding it into what you want is the most important.

  11. Welcome back! I think you are on the road, just keep going and don’t give up your dreams! Thank your for sharing this post, it gave me so much inspiration!

  12. Welcome back. This post already inpsired me. Its aways best to be true to you and do what makes you happy. I look forward to seeing you future posts:)

  13. This reminds me of a quote “If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree”. It’s great that you stayed true to yourself and followed your dreams. Go girl!

  14. Ugh you probably hit that “bottom” of blogging aka burnout. Glad you took a break to reflect your thoughts and realized it’s time to come back to blogging!

  15. Welcome back!! Glad to know you have found your passion. Good luck in your writing career I am sure it will take you places as long as you are passionate

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